Leave a Lasting Legacy Or Be Completely Forgotten

Do you know your great grandfather? How about even his name? If you are a grandfather right now, do you ever talk about your father to your grandchildren? If not, then why not? Was he not an important man to you? I ask these questions now because I guarantee nobody has ever asked you these before. In today’s politically correct, “everybody is special” society, you have been forced to think only in the present moment; to think about what satisfies you today. So I challenge you to think differently for a few minutes as you read on, and open your mind to the possibility of building a lasting legacy for you to be remembered eternally.

As you live today a father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother, your impact on the lives of your immediate family may vary from casual visits to central focal point in frequent family gatherings. But what would happen to your living memory if you were to pass on tomorrow? If you have not laid the groundwork for a lasting legacy, the memory of your existence will completely vanish within the next generation. Shocking? It matters not how great you showed your love for your family or how your family showed their love for you. Only recorded, measurable accomplishments are ever truly remembered. Legacies are not about who you are, but about what you did. And it is what you did that will shape people’s perceptions about who you were.

So what kind of legacy would you leave? Chances are, if you are reading this article, you have not won an NBA championship or an Olympic medal, you have not founded a well-known international charity organization, and you most likely did not win a Nobel prize. The good news is that you do not need to perform miracles to be remembered for all time in your family tree and by your community. But you do need to take action now. The decisions you make today will shape how you are remembered tomorrow.

Who are the people you remember that had a positive impact on the lives of many? Let’s look at their similarities. There are the industrialists and inventors, like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. They are the major political and community figures like our President or Governor, and not members of a representative group, such as Congress. They are authors, musicians, and athletes that have reached the pinnacle of notoriety in their field not just based on their income earned in their field. They are the people whose names are on street signs, hospital wings, and community centers. What is common in most of these cases is that the people you most remember are not living in the “wage” system, but in the “profit” system.

An exception would be sports figures, but remember it is not their money that makes them memorable, but their moments in accomplishment. Also corporate executives and political figures that are famous and collect a wage also either collect company stock, write books, go on lecture circuits, or all of these which are sources of “profit” and not wages.

Making money for money’s sake will not make you remembered for more than a generation, even if you were a billionaire. It is what you do with your money and your time that matters. You can have a greater lasting legacy in your family and community than the typical professional athlete if the actions you take benefit the lives of hundreds or thousands. When you discover financial freedom, you will see that your greatest benefit is more time, and not more money. Financial freedom gives both the time to dedicate to your definite major purpose and the money needed to support your positive actions. Imagine working with community leaders to build a much needed activity center or medical center. Just donating money for the cause may be enough to put your name on a building, but is the combination of time spent within your community making a difference and money spent to fund projects that are both critical to your lasting legacy.

Make the decision now to work to escape the “wage” system and start moving toward the “profit” system. Employees collecting a wage, and retirees collecting a pension are hardly ever remembered after a generation, if not sooner. Once in the “profit” system, work towards systematizing and automating your efforts so that your time is freed to pursue your purpose and your goals. Time freed will also be enjoyed by your family as your bonds grow and your importance to your entire family is recognized and appreciated.

So what “profit” system should you choose? That is completely up to you. There are so many options available in America and around the world, your choices are endless. You can write books, create products to sell, become a paid mentor or coach, provide a service, start a franchise, and so on. Thinking of your main goal of freeing both time and money so you can build and realize your legacy, it would be best to start a home based business that has a proven system for marketing, active leaders and coaches to guide you to success, a large community of members for support, a compensation plan that is based solely on your efforts, and a product or service offered to the public that is both unique and not saturated.

Finding the right home based business is a critical step, but it is not your first step. Determining your goals is more important because chosen correctly, your goals will help you determine the right business model for your needs and will lay the necessary groundwork for your success. Remember, your ultimate goal is not to be stinking rich, but to be a leader in your family and community whose actions positively impact the lives of others. Financial wealth will match your effort and desire to leave a legacy. Your next step is to find a home based business that not only will meet your written goals, but provides both a support system of automated marketing tools that are inexpensive to implement, and a business coach that walks you through the entire process and helps you set up your business. Your third step is to act by signing up for a system, setting it up as quickly as possible, then begin working the marketing system with passion and commitment, always keeping your goals as a driving factor to your success.

This is your business, not a hobby, so take these steps seriously. Do not simply settle for a multi-level marketing “sponsor” who does not care about your personal success so as long as you keep paying your monthly membership fee. Businesses do exist where your coach is positively incentivized to make sure you succeed. Take advantage of those businesses, find one you like, and go for it. Work your business as if your life depended on it, because your living memory does. When you start giving your time and money to the betterment of your family and community, you will continuously be driven to achieve more, ensuring your lasting legacy and the admiration of thousands. Your life will have meaning and purpose. You will live a much happier life. And your legacy will live on long after you.