Leave A Lasting Legacy

What if your legacy was that you complained, were in a lack space, said I don’t have enough, had a victim mentality, thought that I can’t get through this, or I can’t get an education. Get away from this. Get away from being a victim, to taking control of what you can in your life, so that you can move forward and enjoy the bounty of it.

It starts with me and the understanding that every morning I wake up I am contributing to my legacy.

As you go forward, enjoy the moment. My dog, Kaos, passed away at age 17. I still think about him. We have to remember our special moments and capture them. Write your memories down.

You will hear me say that the past is not real, just memory traces. From a philosophical standpoint or a scientific standpoint, it is real. Enjoy the present, build memories every day. Present moments accumulate into a legacy.

Don’t try to do this all in one day, like I did in the past. It is the progression of a dream, of who we become, as we leave our legacy. That is what is important. Your story will help your great-great-grandchildren, and help others as you have gone through certain things and came out the other side: things that may have held you back or not worked out well at the time. Things that you thought were negative at the time. Other people will be able to relate to these situations, and it will inspire them to get through the difficult time they may be in.

In this way, they can focus on the positive, knowing things will work out, and move forward. You can work your legacy every single day, doing the little things that make the massive difference in life.

You have to be very cautious about your home. Your home is very sacred. If you watch the news, you will hear a lot about how there is not enough. That things are dissipating. That we can’t move forward. All of these statements are going to hurt you from an abundance standpoint.

When you live in lack, you are going to get more lack. When you are surrounded by lack attitude, that is what is going to continue to come into your life: lack. Can you break through this to really enjoy life and get to where you need to be?

You can start a shift day by day. You can get the energy in the right area. You can focus on the positives that are going to make the big difference in your life. The daily activity and focus in the morning is so critical, so that you can focus on the growth that is going to make the big difference in your life. It comes over psychological time, and it will happen if you continue to progress.

It is not just the achievement of the life. It is the living of the life that is so critical. It is the living of the life that leaves the legacy. It all starts with a shift in our attitude.
When we can tie into the abundance energy, when we believe that there is an overflow of bounty, when we believe that we can make a difference, then we will get the clarity, and be able to leave our legacy.

Why not start today, and write your story? You can start a blog or any other thing. Don’t worry if the start is slow. Don’t worry how many people are reading. If only three people come, love those three people. It’s about the individual. Each person is important, and we need to work with each individual person.

Get your story out there. We want to hear your story. What are you achieving? What are you going after? What are your dreams? How can we help you get to where you want to be, in a team effort? A lot of amazing people can leave amazing legacies as we watch the consciousness of the planet shift. Amazing shifts are happening and you are a part of it in this moment!