My Legacy Will Be Picking Up Where Those Before Me Left Off

If you think about your family history as far back as you have knowledge of it, you are getting a view of what legacy is all about. From your most distant relative to your own parents, every individual in each generation has passed many things down to you. When you use these nuggets of wisdom appropriately, you are setting the stage to pass your ancestors’ amazing legacy down to the generations who will follow you in decades to come.

One part of legacy is the characteristics and attributes which you have inherited from your ancestors. Your ancestors may have come to the United States from a different country, bringing with them such values as a strong family unit, dedication to hard work, and the desire to turn dreams into the reality of success. They have passed these values on to your grandparents, your parents, and you, even if you never had the opportunity to meet any of them in person.

Living this legacy and passing it along to the next generation is not an old-fashioned concept. In fact, when you pick up where those before you left off, you are honoring their sacrifices, acknowledging the good that they did during their lifetimes, and deeming it all valuable enough to make it a part of your own life in the present day. When you do this, your own children and grandchildren will inherit this gift from you, just as you have inherited it from those who lived before you.

A second part of their legacy consists of the traditions and customs which were an integral part of their lives. These traditions and customs may have been related to the culture of your ancestors, the religion they practiced, or special traditions and customs made up within the family. When you practice their traditions in your own life, you are demonstrating how meaningful their traditions are to you; passing them on to younger family members or your own children in the future, will keep your ancestors’ legacy alive.

You can look at legacy as a very distinctive kind of keep sake. Although you cannot hold it in your hand or place it in your home for display, it is something to treasure. Unlike heirlooms which can become broken, damaged, or lost, the heirloom of your legacy will continue to be as strong and beautiful as it was for your grandparents, as long as you keep it this way. While photographs and other mementos may not withstand the test of time, your legacy can. If you realize how much it meant to those who came before you, and acknowledge that it continues to hold such deep meaning for you today, you are not only honoring your ancestors, but making your own life more meaningful at the same time.

In the future, when there is a new generation to pass this legacy to, they will surely appreciate and cherish it as much as you do today. Legacy helps you to be one strong link in the chain of the generations.