What Kind of Legacy Are Your Leaving Your Children?

What kind of legacy are you leaving your children? You see, in a family I believe first and foremost that your children are one of the most important people in a family. They didn’t ask to come into this world, but you brought them here. You need to ask yourself this question: “What kind of legacy do I want to leave them?”

The reason I bring this question up is because it’s so important. I see couples leaving little children with broken homes. I see mothers and fathers running around with other people and being unfaithful. I see them leaving children with only one parent struggling just to get by. I see a mother and father always fighting, and I also see domestic abuse. Then I see children getting abused and finding out that they have no where to turn, and nowhere to hide. And, today as things get worse with the economy, I see thousands upon thousand of children without a home at all. I can’t imagine that. A little child in America without a home. It almost makes me cry. And, then I can’t help but wonder what happens to them?

Nowadays, what a sad state many marriages and families are in. Someone needs to step up to the plate and make a change. It’s never too late to change and come home and take care of your little ones. They really need you more than you know. It’s hard enough nowadays.

When you are gone from this world, what images and memories do you want to leave to your chlidren? Do you want them to say. “I remember Dad or Mom, and they were great!” “They were always there for me!” Or, I really loved my Mom and Dad because they showered me with so much love. That is the legacy I want to leave my children. You know you’ve heard of people leaving a legacy, well, you can too. You know money isn’t everything, but how you treat your children is just about everything. I have to tell you a true story about myself. I did come from a broken home and it wasn’t always easy for me. I had a lot of challenges to overcome, but I do remember my Mom. I went out of my way to see her as she was living a block away and I got to go out and eat at a restaurant with her and my Dad, and she took me to the dentist. I remember the dentist because she forgot to tell me not to eat anything and they put me under anesthesia. I was so sick afterwards. Anyway, I got to see my Mom two times total that I can remember. I remember my Mom’s pretty red hair, her nail polish was a pretty sparkly color. And I even remember the dress that I wore when my Dad and my Mom and I went out to eat. I was only 8 years old.

Shortly thereafter, I picked up a newspaper and my Mom was on the front page. She was driving down a straight road in a small farm town, and she ran into the back of a cement truck and was killed instantly. My Aunt and Uncle didn’t want to tell me right away because they were afraid it would be too much. I wished now that they would have broke the news to me. It might have been easier, but you see they loved me and didn’t want me to be hurt.

I tell you this story because there are many Moms and Dads out there right now that are hurting for their children, but maybe are afraid to pick up the phone and make that call. I don’t know where you are with your own personal situation, but if there is a way to see or visit your children and you haven’t visited with them lately or at all, you should try to at least make an effort. If it’s a bad situation, I understand that, but my situation was bad too, but I went out of my way and I am so glad I did. But, I do have memories. If I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to see her, I wouldn’t have even known what she was like. They tell me that I look like her, but you know that’s not enough. No, a picture is not enough. See, my Mom left me a legacy. It wasn’t huge, but it was something, and I’m glad I had those 2 days with her as it meant the world to me. I will always remember those 2 days until I leave this world.

So, you need to ask yourself what kind of legacy are you going to leave your children? Will it be a good one? Or, will it be a bad one. It’s all up to you. I hope you make the right decision.

What Type of Emotional Legacy Are You Leaving Your Family?

I had remarried a couple of years before and was busy at home trying to establish a new consulting business. We had a typical family life with three teenagers at home with lots of distractions and noise; it was often hard to concentrate on my work.

My frustration was showing up in ways that I was barely aware of. One day my wife said to me very calmly, “Neill, it’s bothering the kids how you are snapping at them. If you don’t do something about it, you will end up as a lonely, grouchy old man.”

The truth of that simple statement hit me like a ton of bricks. It wasn’t that I could end up as a lonely old man. That could happen anyway. What hit me was the thought that my family would remember me as a grouch. I could not allow that to be my emotional legacy. The internal shift was instantaneous.

It is often easy to see in others what emotional legacy they are leaving…

• He always has a chip on his shoulder.

• She is always cheerful.

• He is always worried.

• She knows the sky is falling.

• He sees the humor in everything.

• He loves people and can always forgive.

• She is the eternal victim.

We all see such people and many more with particular emotional characteristics, some good and some not so good, but how well do they see themselves?

It may “take all types of people to make a world,” but what kind of world do you want? It seems to me we’re all in this together, and because we are, it matters what effect we individually have on other people. Do we add to their happiness? Has the legacy of our emotional lifestyle made some small positive contribution to human happiness?

I contend that it doesn’t matter how much money you make or how much stuff you accumulate, if your style of life is emotionally negative, you cannot add to the happiness of others. Having said that, I must stress that as human beings we have both negative and positive qualities. What counts is the balance of positive to negative.

My grandmother, as a widow, raised nine children during the great depression. Quite an accomplishment! But unless I stop to think about it, I remember her simply as a depressing worrier. On reflection, one of my uncles achieved great things, but I remember him as mean and judgmental. Another relative failed many times, but what I remember of him was his optimistic and inspiring nature.

I invite you to reflect for a moment on relatives and other people you have known that are now gone. What comes to mind first? Was it their physical accomplishments or was it their emotional legacy?

Each of us can contribute to making the world a better place by giving more space in our lives to reflecting on our own emotional legacy. As I found out years ago, becoming aware of an imbalance can be quite startling.

Your emotional legacy:

Here is a little self-reflective exercise to do periodically. Write down your epitaph, paying attention to your emotional legacy, as it would be if you left this plane right now. Is it closer to:

“Here lies__________, who shed light on dark souls.”

or to

“Here lies__________ in his natural state, cold”

Now rewrite your epitaph to reflect your emotional legacy as you would like it to be. Make it happen.

Legacy For Life – Honest Legacy For Life Business Review

Is Legacy for Life worth the nutrition or the wealth factor?

Perhaps this question may even pop up in your mind when you come across the legacy for life corporate website. Even for me, all that was mentioned was that one of the top reasons to join is to “be your own boss”.

Now, before we get any deeper I believe you should at least know the details from the ground up.

1) The Start Of Legacy For Life

As you might guess, legacy for life didn’t start off on its own. In 1980, a joint venture between DuPont and ConAgra gave birth to the subsidiary company now known as Legacy for Life. Dr. Hellen Greenblatt (Chief Science Officer for Legacy) was involved in an immune system research project.

By 1995, her team had already perfected a scientific process called polyvalent egg technology that would soon produce the i26® or Immune26 product. This is their flagship product.

2) For Product Or For Wealth?

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight. We cannot simply judge a company by way of its wealth alone. Not even its opportunity. What you need to learn is the legitimacy and the basic understanding of Legacy for Life’s products.

Immune26® comes from ‘healthy hens’ and is said to be good for your body’s immune system. While Legacy for Life’s new Trimberry product is just a combination of juices with a “slimming” effect. The effectiveness of these products is yet to be proven scientifically.

3) How Your Compensation Plan Works

Your interest all comes down to this. How will you actually stand to earn any money? Well, for obvious reasons I’ll not dabble too long but just enough to reveal some facts.

Legacy for Life is built on a network marketing system. Recently, they have changed it to a binary system. So, you could earn 20% on retail plus some team and leadership bonuses. It all boils down to your ability to recruit and train potential network marketing veterans.

The Bombshell

The simple truth is, you have to be pretty good at recruiting other like minded individuals if you are to succeed with Legacy for Life. Please understand, you can surely earn in this business but you could definitely do much better by learning how to market effectively online.