What Legacy Are You Bequeathing to Your Beloved?

Legacy in law means property. It is a bequest from the parent to the offspring. It could be in the form of real estate, cash, artifacts or other form of valuables that is bequeathed from the ancestors or predecessors to the children. What legacy are you expecting from your parent?

A man instructing his attorney to draw up his will has some bequeath for his children. The gift is regarded as a Legacy to the children from the Testator. But now, inheritance is more than property.

Medically, we now talk about DNA. Medicine believes that each of my parents gave me half of their DNA and that I will give half of mine to my offspring. That is why everyone in the world is slightly different because the chromosomes are slightly different from one child to another.

In medical thinking, a person could be sickle cell anemia having derived such gene from either of the parents. The result is that marriage counselors are insisting you know the medical status of your spouse before signing the dotted line to seal your union with your partner. The reason is to make sure that we don’t donate diseases and sorrow to our children. The result? Love alone, is not enough!

Socially also, I think about what people bequeath to their children. As some people are sickle cell anemia so also some will be poor because of the incidence of birth. Do you agree? The other day, I noticed a boy, of about twelve years old, leading the parent out to beg by the street corner. The thought that comes into mind is what legacy is the begging parent going to bequeath to him.

Every parent bequeaths something to the off spring. Whether you want to accept the gift is a different ball game, altogether. The child who is from the affluent home is already assured of his tomorrow. No matter what happens to his parent today, his next day’s meal is not affected. That is not the situation with the boy leading the parent out to beg every morning. To compound his situation the time he ought to use to learn a career at the school to fund for his tomorrow is denied him by his incidence of birth.

The political legacy of Mahatma Gandhi is still being enjoyed by his grand-children and many generations to come in India. Same is true of Kennedy family in the United State that opposition to any of them would have to do a lot to sway the America people that he has a better political value to offer the American people.

Well I don’t know how old you are today! So long as you are reading this article you still have the opportunity to re-assess your life. You could still plan to leave a legacy for your loved children when you leave this world as assents.

You may not leave a political legacy like the Kennedy or the Gandhi had done or leaves one in sport. You may not even leave economic fortune like the Ford. If you miss on the above, you may not miss on this: GOODWILL.

But why will you leave disadvantage, shame, reproach, dishonor, liability, and debts as legacy. Where is your love, then?

It is however, not too late as you are still reading this article. So long as you are living, you still have the chance to leave some legacy but not debt, shame, and reproach to your children.