YOUR LEGACY – Greatness Requires Sacrifice!

The greater the leader, the more he or she will be confronted with sacrifice. A sacrifice is an opportunity to establish a new page of your Legacy. Some sacrifices will be small; others will drop you to your knees in anguish or exhaustion, yet they may lead you to your finest hour.

What sacrifices is life currently asking of you?

You may not recognize it, yet each decision and opportunity before you at this moment is subject to become a part of your legacy.

Perchance you are a business leader, paving new pathways for the organization you represent. Perhaps you are the sole provider for yourself and/ or your family.

Some of you may be grad students, sacrificing time, money, and energy to pursue a new field. Others may have moved to a new city or changed to a career where you have sacrificed safety and comfort for the new and unknown.

Many of you are parents or possibly caregivers-roles which may often find you bending over your loved ones trying to conceal the tears of exhaustion streaming down your face.

Each role, each decision will now be engraved upon the tablet of Your Legacy!

Maybe your biggest sacrifice is hidden in your life purpose, whose timing is yet to come-or as yet undiscovered by you.

According to former pastor, and now leadership mentor: John Maxwell, however:

“Sacrifice is an ongoing process, not a one-time payment.”

Life and future legacy will continually test you and I, knocking on the doors of our hearts and our noblest intentions – asking – Will you take up this cross? Will you love and stand-by this person, this family, this company, this nation? Will you rise up to a cause greater than yourself, which will impact and make a difference in generations to come?

Someone will be grateful for your sacrifices! You might be surprised at the impact your sacrifices are already making!

Consider our friend Gerardo who came to the U.S. to make enough money to pay for his three children’s education. Gerardo has not seen his kids in over 8 years. Whenever we see him, he is often on the phone with his wife, son, and daughter; tears of love and longing running down his face.

I’ll never forget meeting Chuck H. for the first time. Chuck works with a company in which he is required to travel extensively. In his words, shaking his head in exhaustion, as once again he was headed to Brazil for six months-he declared: “What a man will do to make a dollar for his family!”

Reverend Billy Graham, whose calling often required long, extended times of travel, by his own admission, when he drove the long, winding driveway away from his home in Charlotte, NC; often had tears of sadness and yearning for his family left behind.

We have a wonderful friend who has shown sacrificial love for her elderly Mom. When her Dad passed away, she left a full time ministry position, her home, the city she lived in, and network of friends, to become the sole caregiver for her Mom. She works full time in addition to looking after her Mom’s property, and spending 20+hours a week with her Mom at the nursing home.

Consider Coretta Scott King, wife of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. This family certainly knew sacrifice. Mrs. King remarked in My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“Day and night our phone would ring, and someone would pour out a string of obscene epithets…Frequently the calls ended with a threat to kill us if we didn’t get out of town. But in spite of all the danger, the chaos of our private lives, I felt inspired, almost elated.”

My father was once asked to sacrifice by serving on a committee which could affect his work. The pastor of our church asked if he would serve as chairman of a committee, one purpose of which was to promote Christian attitudes of racial issues in the church and community. He warned my father (who was an attorney) that it could possibly hurt his law practice since some persons, because of leadership in racial issues, might take their business elsewhere. The pastor shared with me…without any hesitation your father replied: “Yes, I will do it. The kind of client who would hold that against me, I don’t want anyway.”

The sacrifices you and I choose to make today are creating pages in our legacy-whether in business, family life, or in our communities. Leadership expert Chris Widener recently shared that many pilots have died because they stayed with disabled aircraft. They preferred the familiarity of the cockpit to the unfamiliarity of the parachute. I wonder how many of us look at sacrifice through the same lens as these pilots.

We may be holding on to comfort or familiarity, when sacrifice calls. Sacrifices are often time oriented opportunities for change–for service–for love– for a better future.

And so friends, YOUR LEGACY will require sacrifice. When we sacrifice- every sacrifice – is not a decision about what to do. It’s a decision about Who We Are. When we see this, when we understand it, everything changes. We begin to see life in a new way. All events, occurrences, and situations turn to opportunities to do what you came here to do!

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Thanks for reading friend!


Copyright 2011 Libba Narron Lewey All rights reserved worldwide